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Shoulder Dystocia: the real story

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kytriallaw.comEdited and updated: September 2013

The media have been reporting on shoulder dystocia. Apparently doctors are having to attend special classes to learn how to break babies’ bones because mothers are fat, and make their babies too big. At least that’s the story – women are creating a problem and doctors have to solve it. The reality is that almost half of shoulder dystocias occur with babies who are not ‘big’. This post will discuss how to avoid a shoulder dystocia (if possible), and deal with the situation if it occurs. There is plenty of great information available on the internet about shoulder dystocia. So, I will indulge in some lazy blogging and link where I can.

CETL Learning have a slide presentation available online. This resources gives a comprehensive overview of the incidence, risk factors and the standard approach to shoulder dystocia. In addition references are provided for those…

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